Cutting a leaf in half

Good Morning! I’m trying to cut a leaf in half to use as a monogram to type a last name in the middle of where I want to slice in half. I watched the video on how to do it with letters but you need to convert to path doing that and that’s where I’m having problems. I can’t convert my leaf to convert to path. How can I do this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

That will depend on the format of your source art. If it is a bitmap image, you will need to ‘Trace Image’ to produce as vector paths. Redirecting...

You can post your LBRN file and we can take a look.

LEAF_Edited-2 copy_backup.lbrn (44.4 KB)

You do not need to convert these shapes, as they are already paths. Looking at this file, I see this leaf shape is actually a set of vector path shapes that have been grouped. If I ungroup these shapes (takes multiple ungroups as there are shapes grouped within another group), I can now use the ‘Edit Nodes’ tools to edit this art.

Please show us an example of what you want the finished item to appear, and we might be able to suggest a workable workflow for you.

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Thank you! I’m trying to do something like this.

Draw a rectangle. Select your shape and the rectangle. Do Tools > Cut Shapes and it will split your drawing.


Or, draw your rectangle like this and it will split in 3 pieces and you can remove the center.


LEAF_Edited-2 copy_backup.lbrn (511.8 KB)

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Thank you for responding. I figured it out. I was having problems because I couldn’t convert to path. I’m still new so learning the program as I go. Appreciate you taking time out to respond.

Thank you for helping me out! I finally got it. Still learning LightBurn and so far I’m loving it. Everything is still new to me but I’ll get there eventually!

As you will find, more than one way to manage the process and workflow in LightBurn to get the result you desire. :slight_smile: The documentation can help, hovering over most everything pops a ‘Tool Tip’ and you can hover and hit F1 to open the docs to that subject (work in progress). We also have some tutorial videos on our YouTube channel that can help.

Ok… So I am a newbie as well. Most of the lingo you guys use is greek.
I too am trying to do as Kyster.
I followed your directions, (I think) and when I select both , the rectangle and the shape, then “cut shapes”, the whole project disappears.

Other way around - The last selected item is the cutter, so choose the rectangle last.

In this case, it probably makes more sense to use the Boolean Difference tool to subtract the rectangle from the leaf, though if the leaf was set to Fill mode, the output would be identical.

Oh yeah… It worked!

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