Cutting a slit in MDF with LM3

Hey all,

First time poster but long time reader! Have just gotten my new Laser Master 3 but still to fire it up as builing my set up. Lm3 has a 10w laser midule and gave air assist by way of the external Ortur compressor.

I’m wanting to cut a slit in 12mm MDF to use as part of my waste board. Technically doesnt need to be a cut out but does need to be at least 6mm deep. Slit will be 3mm wide.

I’m not 100% sure the laser will cut through it but wondering what anyone’s thought were on engraving the slit? Or best to cut the whole slit out (if ot can)?



I suspect this would be an extremely ambitious cut with that laser. Ortur’s material reference page does list 5mm MDF as being cuttable at 3 passes ( Materials Reference – Ortur) but that likely means 12mm is beyond practical reach.

Alternatively, I’d suggest either using a router or a combination of drill->saw->file to achieve the results if those are available to you.

Rather than vaporize all that MDF, slice the board with a saw, then glue the two pieces together with a strip of of 3 mm MDF standing on edge at the bottom to form the slot. Cut the strip to whatever width makes the slot the proper depth.

This depends on being able to saw-cut straight paths, a trick I generally got right using a radial-arm saw, Doing it by hand poses a definite challenge. :grin:

I cut 2-5mm masonite all the time for router templates (the dark stuff cuts MUCH better), but MDF with all the glue/resin is very difficult. Air assist helps to keep the chawed muck out of the kerf (need some good air assist flow) and you’ll certainly need to reset the focus down after you make the first 4mm or so of depth.

Definitely not a tool of choice for that material, CO2 is wayyy better or using wood cutting bits (router or CNC).