Cutting ability differently at different positions on my work surface

I have been noticing lately my Chinese 100 watt laser seems to not reliably cut completely through 1/8” hardboard when I position work piece in front right corner of work space
The bed is 1000 mm x 600m
I clean my mirrors after three jobs .
Perfect cuts elsewhere on bed???

Can you post some pics of the anomaly please?

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The beam might be out of alignment in that corner.

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Misalignment. Either the beam is clipping on the aperture and not getting to the #3 mirror, and/or the beam is getting through the #3 and lens but so much off to the side of the lens that it clips on the air assist cone.

If the beam is clipping on the air assist cone, the cone will be hot after a short time. Depends on wattage and how bad the clipping is, but even with strong assist pressure the cone can be quite hot after tens of seconds of runtime.


If your mirror alignment is good all over the bed, then check nozzle to bed in all 4 corners, the bed could be warped with one corner raised or lowered just enough that focus is off a bit in that corner.


Don’t think it’s that uncommon to have one of the four corners ‘off’.


Does your machine home to the rear left?

If so, your alignment should be at the maximum/minimum distance which would be the front right…

Is this how it’s aligned?


Not uncommon at all. Considering the stiffness of the gantry assy, it will twist quite easily. Depending on how flat the surface is (that your laser sits on) and whether the laser is sitting in the exact same spot, it is pretty easy to imagine a little twist. (I modified my gantry mounting surface to be a 3 point mount to eliminate any warping. After a year and two transports in the back of a pickup, the alignment is still spot on.

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