Cutting and Engraving with Camera vs without

Hey folks,

im finding it hard to find the answers so, ive got a camera fitted and i use it all the time, however ive found since using the camera with LB, that when i want to engrave something now like letters all on the same horizontal plain, rather than tracking along the entire plain from the entire left to the entire right side, it will engrave each individual letter. Ive tried all the different options but i cant seem to set it so it will just do the entire row/line of engraving, rather than each individual letter.

Any ideas / an option ive missed ?

Hi, i guess you’re trying ‘fill and line’?
If you open the project on the ‘cut/layer’ pane, and look near the bottom, you want to select ‘fill all shapes at once’.

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Perfect! Thats exactly what i was after. i dont even know half the settings in LB even after 2 years of use!

Thanks for the quick reply too!

I have a job remembering my name after 60 years :rofl: :joy:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: haha good one!

Mornings are worst. I got a coffee cup with my name on it and that seems to help some.

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I Have dementia,
I Think . !

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