Cutting Christmas ornaments

Omtech 60W Laser, Ruida 2442, Mac mini M1 chip, Mac OS BigSur v11.2.3

Don’t know what version I am running of LB. Can you tell me where to find that info?

I want to cut this shape out of wood. I need to have a cut line that is the outside plus cut all of the black shapes from the inside, making all of the white portion fall free of the black. Also want to engrave everything that is black. I intend to do the engraving first followed by the cut. Image is in .png format. I can “trace” the entire object. How can I trace portions of image without it being the original drawing? My only thought is to make several ink drawings, too complicated for drawing on the computer for me. I could scan the final drawings into the computer and go from there.

Pardon me again if this doesn’t make sense to anyone but me.

I would just Line Cut, but you could also have a Fill. Christmas Ornament-Line Cut.lbrn2 (583.9 KB)

Rick, thank you for your reply.
I want to cut “just” the outside line and engrave what is inside of that line.
I am not coming up with a good way to do this. I am sure there is a solution.

Take a look at this modified version. The left one is all fill with only the outline and top-circle being cuts.

Christmas Ornament-Line Cut2.lbrn2 (612.8 KB)

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Thanks Rick. Problem is: Safari won’t open the file

I provided a LightBurn file. You need to open using LightBurn.

Safari is a web browser and does not know of LightBurn files. :slight_smile:

LightBurn wouldn’t open it either. I just went to UTube.

It opened fine for me.

What version of LightBurn are you using?

haven’t had a reason to upgrade to .24 since quite a few were having troubles which I don’t need more of. LOL

Here is the same file in the older file format. Please try to open this file in your LightBurn.

Christmas Ornament-Line Cut2.lbrn (1.7 MB)

That worked. Thanks

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