Cutting Curve Wing Ribs

Hello ! I bought a Neje 2 170x170 mm w Lightburn and I cut plywood. I design peices even curves using program lines edge curve. But only circles or semi. Now I want to make wing ribs. I cannot design it w lightburn. Or maybe if I design a lot of litle segments of straights and then finish it with sand. I try to design in paper make a upload but it has imperfection around and I dont know image treatment. If I made a photograph it has imperfection too. Any suggestions?

Have you tried to draw it in another program and import it?

Thank you for your answer. A friend from rhe aeroclub tall me about Corel. But I dont want to pay for it only to play my hobby. For that money I can buy a couple of kits and engines. I try but not too hard. At this moment I am drawing a rib on light burn using straight segments. Then O save and star again dividing segments by a half. In a couple hours I can have a model a profile. I hope then I can use some comand to unified all the segments as a one draw. And I will cut it. If needed I stil divide segments.

Do you have some program in mind? Easy one, pleasy. Thank you.

You need to download and use Fusion 360. It is free for hobbists. Just follow the path of the student version. You get an almost full copy of the program. Some really fancy stuff is not there, but you don’t need it. I find it easy to use (in fact it was the first one I COULD understand and use well. Also works for 3d printing and CAD/CAM type use. Free is good, right?

Oh Yeah! Love ot. I will try and let you know. Thank you very much. By the way do you know some profile ribs wing paterns or catalogue ? I research bit not find it. It will be nice have a list of images of profiles. Thank you!

YES! I designed a profile! But now I dont know how to use ir in lightburn. Trying. Sorry ask help again- I dont know how to export file to light burn neither import from there. I only made a shortcut on mais screen. Can you help me again?

You should also look at another draw program that is free, with many Youtube videos to help you: Inkscape.

Thank you its so kind on weekend. So I did save like image and it runs in lightburn. Then I spend a lot of time trying to understand a mistake on cut. I find out is a detail that I draw in another plane and did not know. So I am solving the problems. But the machine is very slow. I am thinking in make onde part of piece in the curve i design and another part a straight. Then whem I have all ribs cutted by burn, I put it all together and sand to finish the small lower curvature. Thanks for all.