Cutting/engraving info being changed

I have the licensed version and latest.
I am running two lasers. A Ortur LM2 (GRBL) and a OMTech Polar 350 (DSP).
When install the Polar I set it up as min/sec as recommended. After a while I decided to try in/sec but decided that I like the mm/sec better. Well since I changed back to mm/sec LB does some funky stuff with the line and fill info I put it.
When I start up the focus info is no longer 100mm/sec its changed to 1.7 mm/min The Z speed will be like .4.
Then when I put the line or cut settings it will change it also. I cut at 100mm/sec but it changes it to like 3.3 mm/min.
I have it set in settings as min/sec.
I can’t figure out why its doing this now.
Driving me f’n crazy.
If I forget to dbl check and start a job the laser moves at a old man crawl. Frustrating.

Note that this setting is unique per device.

With Polar selected in Laser window take a screenshot of Edit->Settings and post here.

Hello and thanks. Attached are the settings.
I open LB. I get ready to do the laser thing.
I set my speeds/power for the lines and fills.
I hit start and my machine will crawl. I freak out.
I check and the speed has been changed from 100ms/min to what you see in the screen shots.
To fix it I normally tell it to read controller again. Tho not sure that does anything but it does make it so my speed doesn’t change.

I’m now understanding the stated problem differently based on your latest post.

Are you saying that the cut settings are spontaneously changing between the time that you set them to the time that you start burning without any change to device or anything else? If so, that would be highly unusual.

Note that the cut settings are showing in mm/s, not mm/min.

Are you saying in Edit->Device Settings->Additional Settings? If so, that’s unrelated to what’s occurring here. Those values are used to determine Preview job duration estimates.

How reliably can you get this to occur? Can you make a video of this occurring? Ideally with a screen capture but otherwise with the monitor in view the whole time.

Yes they change on their own. I will try to get a video of it.

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