Cutting fails, clueless since last updates

To start:

Using lightburn for 5 months now on a macbook pro, switched to windows for the laser setup.

Sometimes my images just are not as designed

Never had this problem while using OSX. Images, fill or line are just not what i would expect. This problem was never just a windows problem, been using my setup for 1 month now on Windows, the problems started after the latest updates.

After the fill (there is no real problem with the fill) the line cut is way off, this never happened 1 week ago. I reset my lightburn install, checked the tension on my belts. Fill is correct (not all the images, the small images like the moon just fail), cutting lines are just off. I never had this problem before!

fill speed: 3000 mm / min
line speed 400 or 600 mm / min

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Though it often looks like a software update is causing such issues, 98% of such misalignments have mechanical cause.
Go through this guide and check your mechanics carefully, especially pay attention at the grub screws.

i checked my entire laser this morning. indeed a lose nut was causing the problems.

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