Cutting Formica Sheet

I have an Ortur LM2 (20W laser). I am trying to cut Formica sheets. I have tried numerous speeds, laser power, and passes. Can’t seem to cur through successfully. Any ideas. Possibly laser is too weak?

There’s a bunch of videos out there about cutting/engraving Formica. It had not dawned on me to try that. Although I understand the laser, I’m also cautious about what I cut. Usually if it’s hazardous there’s good documentation on it. Easy to search on, didn’t turn up anything. Lots of them doing it, all of the ones I saw were CO2 lasers.

For a laser to cut the material has to absorb that energy. Since the CO2 and SS Diodes are different you would have to see how Formica responds to that frequency. I would have thought I’d have seen SS one in the half dozen I glanced at.

Are you doing any damage?

Good luck let us know what you find. I will also, when I have a few. Thanks for the thought. :slight_smile:

When the laser finally starts through (after 5 passes at 150 speed and 90% laser power, the Formica starts to melt where it did cut through. I tried cutting from the bottom side with the same settings, but barely made a mark on it! I suspect it is the backing material the laser cannot penetrate.

There are a couple of ways to attack this…

Delay each pass to allow for the Formica to cool. If multiple objects, separate them on layers so they are not next to each other when cutting. May have to run some other way, such as 2 passes, delay 2 passes then delay, etc…

Are you doing mm/min?

I still haven’t seen this on a diode laser like yours… :frowning:

Yes, mm/min. Good idea on he delays. Possibly skip each letter on pass 1, then on pass 2 do the others, then repeat. Will try it. Thanks!

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