Cutting head not moving to the 0-point

Hello guys
When I start my CO2 sitting machine , normally the cutting head move to the 0-point then comeback to the last cutting point,
But now the cutting head not move to the 0-point,

I already changed the steppers but not help

Please have anyone problem with this issue

Thank you very much

This isn’t much information to really assist you…

Is there any error message in the machines console. It should give you some kind of error message if it can’t home.

Check in the cabinet for power to all the motor drivers and controller …

The motor drivers and the Ruida have an led if it detects an internal error…


Thank you very much jack for your reaction
I will try to explain with my poor English
When I start then machine the only light continue burning is nr 15 during the reset ,
After the reset finished ofcourse the cutting head not moved , the light nr 14 is branding but not continue.

I’m sure your English is better than my skills with your native language … thanks for mentioning it, but there is no need as we are here to help…

The #15 led is for 5V and only indicates you are getting the 5V from the controller.

I think my ‘run’ led flashes, but I can’t say I remember if it goes solid when I have a job running…

Is this the state of the controller when it stops or do you have to press ‘esc’?

If it’s not at the ‘home’ position when you power it on, does it move at all?

Power it up and watch what it does as close as possible…

  1. do the heads move
  2. if so, do they go the right direction
  3. after it’s ‘done’ with the startup, does the machines console show any errors?



Well when I move the the bar (the bar that holding the cutting head) when I move it to the front , the bat stops suddenly, and then I press on the reset button on the controller then the cutting head is moving to the 0- correctly , then I can cut also correctly,
I don’t know why not start immediately like before
Thank you for your answer Jack

If it’s cutting ok, is this an intermittent? Does it work sometimes?

Is there any informational display on the machines console when it fails?


It’s working good and not stop. Also sometimes it’s starting correctly

There is no information on the display

I would inspect it to ensure there are no ‘shorts’ in the drag chains and all the wiring is really connected. You can pull ‘gently’ on the wires on the controller and ensure there are tight. I’ve see a couple that were held only by the glue and lasted a year or so before they failed…

Do a general ‘mechanical’ overview to ensure it’s an electrical issue and not something caused by the mechanics…

There has to be something… does it just look normal?

The ‘bar’ that the head is mounted on is usually referred to as the ‘gantry’…

Good luck


Thank you very much, I will check yes. I will let you know, I think you curious to know like me.

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