Cutting Larger than machine bed

Hello everyone,

I need to cut a large circle, larger then my machine’s cutting bed size.
I’ve looked everywhere on this forum for a good explanation of how to so, and can’t find anything more explanatory. I’ve found hints and helpful little blurbs about doing it but not actually how to do it?

Could someone please help explain it better or direct me to somewhere I may have missed that explains it better?


Probably not the answer you are looking for.
Maybe someone will have an answer but in my honest opinion, you need a bigger laser.
What you are trying to do is like putting a 12" blade on a 10" saw. You may get it to work with some modifications but it is still not the proper tool.
A scroll saw or a jig saw is what I use when my laser is not large enough and I think it is within my capabilities, otherwise I turn the job down and let someone with the proper tools perform it.

If you can cut the whole thing into pieces and assemble it later, you can use Arrange/Break-Apart to split the design into pieces and then put it together. If if’s not a regular shape or if there is fine detail/engraving, add registration marks so you can align it.

Some machines allow “pass-through” feeding where can you put in material longer (but not wider) than the machine. Again, using registration marks, you split the job up into multiple pieces.

If the circle is too big for the machine, and you can’t break it apart, you need a bigger machine.

How about you make a jig with a pin in the center when the laser get to the point where it cant cut anymore pause rotate the circle and restart. Just my 2 cents. that;s how we do it on a band saw.