Cutting MDF with Sculpfun S9


I am trying to understand the cutting speeds and Laser diode power.

I have a Sculpfun 9 and have cut many pieces of 3mm MDF at a speed of 300 mm/m at an intensity of 80%.

I then tried to make a jigsaw puzzle. I stuck the picture onto the mdf using a spray adhesive. I used exactly the same settings and it did not cut through.

the only addition is a piece of paper glued onto the MDF

At a guess the answer is the glue. Always best to do a test in situations like this. The glue used in plywood has a drastic effect on the cutting and could well be the same when applied to paper and MDF. Don’t seem possible, but some glue is very hard to cut through.

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Thank you, Let me give it a try by changing the settings and I will let you know my results

Additionally, the lighter the material, the harder to cut. Therefore, a white sheet of paper might be harder to cut than a black material that is 1 mm thick. The more energy gets reflected, the less impact during lasering.

Thank you for your feed back. I have managed to cut it out. The Glue and paper were the biggest problem and once through that everything did go smoothly. I reduced the power and speed and increased the number of passes. This worked for me.

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