Cutting only one object with its own options when mulitple objects are present

i have 4 separate objects, each with their own kiss cuts, engraves and cuts in a project, however, if i move everything to a layer and disable it, all of the setups get moved as well which will be a nightmare to correct when i bring them back.

What i want to do is say "of the 4 currently active - i only want to send this one, with the kiss cut, engrave and cut - and only this one

can i do this

Choose “cut selected graphics only” and then select the shapes you want to send. Only those get sent to the laser.

it was sat there right in front of me, thank you for pointing it out! …sorry for wasting your time

I’ll take an idiot cookie and go sit in the corner :slight_smile:

LightBurn has so many genius functions that you’ll find new ones every day, even after using it for years :slight_smile:
I also still find “obvious” new functions after using it for ages now :wink:



In the Laser window, turn on the Cut selected graphics switch.

Then select whatever you want to burn, yoink it into the proper place in the workspace as you normally would, and Fire The Laser.

That way, the layers control the cut parameters and you select the particular thing-to-burn.

I generally have a bunch of layouts scattered off the workspace and just drag the appropriate one into position as needed:

The template in the middle of the platform is on a tooling layer (so it will never go to the laser) as a snapping target when dragging the next layout into position. I align the template to a fixture on the platform once, snap successive layouts into it, and burn each one without any additional fuss.

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