Cutting out Card Box / Boxes.PY

How do you Pros set up a cut when the pattern has two many peices such as the Card Box from Boxes PY?

…not quite sure if this is what you mean, but if the number/area of parts from e.g. a project in can’t be on my machine bed, then I download the project into LightBurn and drag the items individually onto the work surface. If that is not what you mean, you must rephrase your question or wait for a pro :wink:

Ok so I am doing it correctly thank you


I got the card box (1&2) done and it went together with no problems my next project is a bird house and I have a question on the size of the graph, does it matter what size the graph is in relation to the actual size, If I have the width and height set say at 100mm this is the size it will cut even if the graph is say 50mmx50mm.

It’s great that you succeeded with your first attempt in cardboard.
When changing the scale of a project you need to take your material thickness into account. If you have a birdhouse drawing for e.g. 4mm it is easy to “calculate” it to 3mm and the proportions should match the new finger connections. Another option is to use the built-in resizer from LightBurn. It involves a little work, but you can freely decide what size the finger connections should be.
I hope that’s what you asked for, or you’ll be back.

In your example, you probably have to adapt all finger joints to your material thickness with the mentioned resizer tool from LightBurn, try it, which is easy to use when it’s such a small project.
p.s. remember your kerf settings for a good tight connection.

I used plywood 2.88mm and the plan called for 3.0mm, before I assembled the parts I used a finger nail file to give the fingers a light touchup which worked just fine. I am not sure how to put this but the screen shot shows one side of the bird house which has dimension of 200x200x200mm, if I were to use my scroll wheel and shrink the graph so I can get the whole plan on the screen, I can then pick and choose the arragement of the parts to maximize my usage of the material. Doing this will it affect the X-Y and height of the plan. (see screen shot)

I do not think it will. Thanks for the complimant and instructions.

No, you only change the overview. What are you going to do with the 2 largest parts that are bigger than your work area? - Print and Cut"?
In order to adapt the drawing to the material, I will, as mentioned before, adapt the drawing. 2.8mm is 6.667% smaller than 3mm, i.e. you must enter 93.33 in LightBurn’s (proportion-locked) percentage field (after you have selected everything) and everything will be adjusted automatically. I don’t adjust the fits manually, I know how wide my laser beam is and compensate this value in the kerf settings. If you don’t adjust the kerf, it should be a loose fit.

The 12x12" boards I have wil allow me to place the pattern on the board at an angle and it just fits the laser, my biggest peeve is the constant adjsting of the cutting platform, and the frame of the dust cover.

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