Cutting out image

I will be buying the licence version of Lightburn, but I am using the trail version just to see how it works, I like it very much, but i have noticed Iam unable to cut out any images I don’t have an option is this only in the tail version

Since I don’t really know what you wish to do (an image or something would help) I can only give you a couple of answers…

The trial version is the regular version, nothing it missing…

Watch this video on using a ‘mask’ in Lightburn and see if that answers your question…


cheers for that for some reason i am unable to cut out any image on wood can only engrave and image

What are you attempting to cut?

You might clarify what you mean by only engrave, not cut.


You must draw a frame around your image and define the cut parameter for this layer.

sorry i’ve made a stupid mistake if i need to cut out lets say a square i relise now i just have to set laser power higher and do more passes duh sorry guys

Only difference between cut and engrave is the depth (power)…

I’ve kicked myself enough, don’t let it keep you up at night… :face_with_spiral_eyes:


cheers for that

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