Cutting out my project

i can’t understand why my laser will not cut out my project’ the settings are correct, i’ve set the focus arm to the material surface, i’ve set the laser head to the material thickness, i’ts set to cut out in 4 passes, but it seems to only be covering the same path 4 times instead of cutting it out, have i missed something.
is it because i’ve not loaded the material from the library’ this is a programm for a jig i purchased i though it would auto load the settings when imported ??

What are you basing this statement on?

Can you clarify what this statement means? I don’t follow.

What’s your history with this laser? Is this something new to you or has it been working correctly?

I’m not quite following what you mean by this but LightBurn is not going to alter your settings without your explicit action.

What was the format of the purchased jig? Was it provided as a .lbrn file?

Please include a full screenshot of LightBurn with the Cut / Layers window showing please.

Hi berainlb
Please find attatched screen shot

Are you able to address the other questions from my post? Context is important.

Additionally, what material are you attempting to cut?

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