Cutting out the Marerial Test Card

How do you outline and cut out the Material Test Card?

I have many different materials that I will be using and, thus, many different test cards. But I can figure out how to activate the cut path. There are options for engrave settings and cut settings. The engraved worked as expected. But not the cutting of the card and no cut path is displayed on the preview. What am I missing?

When you edit Material Settings are you explicitly choosing Fill or Line operation? If not, switch from Fill to Line.

It is set to line.

Using a GRBL profile, when I set the ‘Material Test’ to ‘Line’, I see the following from ‘Preview’.

That’s odd.

I’m seeing what @Rick is seeing.

Can you push “Save gcode” in the Material Test window, save with .txt extension, and then upload here? I’d like to confirm what’s actually happening there.

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I do see the same things, but maybe I was not clear.

I was looking for the border around the project. I know I can manually try to line it up, but I figured that since you guys designed the Material Test, I was missing something because of the added Edit Material Settings. This would make each test project exactly the same size.

Understood, and thank you for the suggestion. I did note this in your OP, and presented to our internal channel for consideration. Thank you again.

When an idea strikes, we encourage capture where we know it won’t get buried in the flood of forum posts. Our Feature Suggestions site is designed to provide idea capture, up-voting, and tracking, This information is used to help prioritize our efforts. :slight_smile:

No problem. was not sure if I was missing something or a new feature.

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