Cutting path twice

In the attached file the preview shows its cutting the internal path twice and I can not figure out why. I think I have removed all of the duplicates but it still shows that it’s cutting the path twice. Any ideas?familyTest.lbrn (1.4 MB)

Yeah, that inner path is doubled up somehow. Select it with the node edit tool and drag one of the nodes somewhere and you can see the duplicate underneath.

I have and I have gotten rid of all of them. That’s what so strange.

Well I can clearly see the second path underneath when I drag a node away. There’s definitely 2 copies of that path there, but I’m unable to delete just one of them. What was it drawn in? LB?

Interesting, I can not see the second path on my version. I can see the outer path, and the inner path. I can then select one of the paths and nudge it up or down and I don’t see anything under it.

I imported this from my project that I exported to a dxf file.

Here I deleted a bunch of nodes from one of the lines and straightened it up at the corner. And there’s another path hiding underneath.

Okay, when I go to tools, edit nodes, and I drag a node I can see it under it under there. I have not idea how to remove that. Thanks for the hint on the nodes.

I wonder why the remove duplicates function not deleting this line. It must be being seen by Lightburn as all one line or something like that.

Duplicates are second shapes that are copies of the first. Your case looks more like a single line spiraling around over itself.

Yep. When I break the line it detects the duplicates. So it looks like it’s either an issue with exporting the data with these duplicate lines or the importing function. My bet is on the exporting tool.

When I export to an AI format instead of dxf, I get some valid duplicates but I do not get this Spiral affect above. So I am betting that it’s a dxf export issue from Corel Draw…

It could also be how LightBurn is recovering the shapes - DXF is often exported as disconnected pieces that the software then has to put together again. I attempt to rejoin things when imported, but I’m not specifically trying to avoid making loops. I’ll see if that can be improved.

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