Cutting PE foam

Hi folks.
I am cutting PE foam with my 80W laser. The foam is 30mm thick. It works well, but I am struggling with the start of the cut. As you can see from the picture, it creates a wider mark at the start… I need this to be smooth… Any suggestions on how I can solve that…?

You’d want to do a lead-in cut so that the start of the cut is away from the finished part. I don’t know how to do this in LB but if it is possible I’m sure someone will share their technique.

You can vote for this feature to be added to LB here

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Yeah, this is exactly it. I guess I should start by adjusting the vector path in Illustrator, creating a lead-in. Never had the need for something like this before.
Would be an excellent feature for Lightburn to implement in future updates.

A lead-in might be as simple as adding a short straight line segment at a tangent to the curve and then specifying the line segment as the start point for the object.