Cutting plywood - just getting started

I have an Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro; using Lightburn on MacBook Air. I’ve found using the laser to be pretty straightforward. Tried today for the first time to cut an ornament on 3mm birch plywood (0.120"). I’m not having luck getting it to cut through. I’m using these settings:

Speed: 100 mm/min
Power: 95%
No. of passes: 4

What other settings should I be looking for? Watching some YouTube videos, it seems like I should be able to cut all the way through with one pass, but I’m obviously missing something.

Thank you.

Great difficulty cutting through with a diode laser although some folks have when their laser is on the high end of diode power

Slow it down im cutting 6mm solid cherry at 20 mm/s with a power of 95% in one pass with a S9 Diode head.

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