Cutting start/end burn marks


When doing cut lines I’m getting a deeper burn at the start AND the end of the line/cut. In RDworks I never noticed this problem. I’m guessing that I have a setting out of whack lol!! Ruida controller, Boss Laser.

Anyone know what setting I need to tweak?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Adjustment to your ‘Min Power’ setting will likely help with this. The head needs time to accelerate and slow down as it changes direction. If you set you Min Power to just above the point where it fires (about 10 to 12% for 100w), the controller will ramp the power between the Min and Max Power settings to help avoid over burn at the ends or corners.

That is what I thought… but it didn’t seem to make any difference.
100mm/s with 18% max, 12% min. I will take it down to 7% which is about the firing point. But 12% is usually very very light when engraving. Maybe cut mode is a bit more powerful or something lol

Is “cut through” mode enabled by chance? If so, turn it off.