Cutting stop when it work

i have atomstack x7 pro when start cutting 50% of file it stop and give me on screen message(error machine accident please make sure the machine is normal) and i check everything but still same

how i can fix that ?

I have exact the same problem, you cannot reproduce it.
It happens, or not…
I stopped energy saving of USB ports, didnt help.

I will check tomorrow, perhaps the rails are to hard, making the controller to believe that there is a “crash”… I am just wondering…

Hopefully we will find a solution soon… it is getting expensive, to stop regularily at 80% of the job…

I would we thankful, if somebody would find out, how to resume process … at the point where it was interupted.


Hello Josephan & MichaelW1

I got my -Atomstack X7- on November 10th and had exactly the same problems.
That’s why I’ll get in touch with you, but I hope that there will be a few new ones who can help

The X7 Pro is still pretty new, I think? - And for me it is also new territory, I’m still a nerd, otherwise quite “at home” in the graphics

So, at the beginning my X7 Pro just stopped lasering shortly before the end of the circle, then it just goes through a circle and 2 other graphics (square etc.), then it gives me a warning that I am outside the Area, (?) - although within the laser area - then like you and MichaelW1 here “machine accident”.
The circles weren’t entirely clean either …

What I found out is that something about the definition of the laser area in Lightburn (LB) is probably not entirely correct because it also gives me these error messages. And for “Machine Accident”, Atomstack or LB are probably not able to define such error messages a little more precisely. (At least I didn’t find anything in LB, but I didn’t search fanatically either) - Too much focused on the Q&A at Atomstack, but no info at all there either.

At the moment I do this by entering my coordinates in the move window and sending the laser there, then I enter the current position in the laser window and off we go. Every now and then the message is out of range … (then I’ll just move my graphic.)

Unfortunately, because of the exercise, the fonts e.g. my name not consistently everywhere, because I think because the laser table is also not so in the balance - it will be changed. But is it because of that?

What confuses me is the control panel. That is not understandable for me, just a very imprecise way of dealing with it.

Nowhere is it described how the folder is called, where the data (images etc.) can be read out.

On the manufacturer’s pages it is insufficiently described, only that it works and that you should insert the memory card. But I don’t see anything in the display, regardless of what graphics I put in there and also outside of the folder there with the jpg etc.

I find a little more support from “Mao-tse-Dong-GongHong”, there could be.

My equipment is: MacBook Pro (Catalina) my driver for the X7 is GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier) - the driver as on the memory card of the X7

  • Does someone have a different driver and is this the right one (Which G-Code?)
    -Software that I use is Lightburn (1.04) - I have to learn that first !!

Sorry for my long remarks

If you have anything, please let me know - I will continue to “research”.

(google Translation - german into English)

Is there an error code generated in the console tab of LightBurn?

Hello, I think: Alarm 9 or A9 - something in that direction - at that moment (yesterday) I didn’t have any more. My problem is more also out of range. I have to check that, but where? - maybe in the machine settings or device settings?

There’s been quite a few of these on the new AtomStack. Does this problem exist if using LaserGRBL instead of LightBurn?

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I don’t even know if it’s the right driver, I wrote it (further below) with Josephan and MichaelW1 - For me it is completely new territory that I have to discover

Try using Laser GRBL. AtomStack is known to use their own mother boards and bad proprietary software. Try using what they include and not using LightBurn. This model might become popular but I really don’t like the company or their support. Good luck.

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yes I know, but neither do other companies. You can take whoever you want because “one of them was helped” and at other times there is another clerk who lets you down. It’s always like that. I asked Atomstack 2 weeks ago whether there is an Air Assist for the X7 and whether there is a metal grid in the form of a honeycomb. To this day, I have not received an answer about the honeycomb grille and the Air Assist, but the honeycomb grille (as a base) when lasering is suddenly available in the company’s accessories (450 x 450 mm) but no trace of the Air Assist. I will order this from a site I know. Somebody will take care of it … So much for the service at Atomstack…

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I’m going to be honest with you, I’d return it if you could. NEJE is likely the parent company. You’d be better off buying an Ortur or like machine. If you want to cut, invest in a used C02 laser. My machine came with the wrong bolts/screws so my laser head is wobbly. I had to fix the whole thing right out of the box. To this day haven’t received one support e-mail from them.

I wish you good luck.

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the belts and rollers of your machine are adjusted too tightly. Try to loosen them a little bit and try again.
it work with me

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