Cutting Suggestions?


I’ve tried a few new materials in the past few days among them Felt I had lying around and some kind of Laminated Wood I got out of a Scrap Bin from my local Hardware Store…

As one can see with the below Felt examples, they cut very differently… The 5mm Pink one suffering from a burned Edge with a Single Pass 100% Power & 18mm/s Cut ( 20mm/s would leave a faint connection ) whereas the 3mm Green one would result in a practically pristine Edge using a Single Pass 100% Power & 40mm/s Cut ( could probably have gone faster - Didn’t test for that Color ):

Could the burning of the pink one have been avoided or is this a Material issue caused by the Pigment reacting badly? ( the Picture shows the underside of the Pink with the Top showing a yellowish discoloration )

Concerning the 3mm Laminated wood I’m kinda wondering how I should be approaching it as not a single Rectangle was successfully cut - Didn’t even pierce the Corners leaving the back in pristine condition:

Is it worth trying a multiple Passes approach or is this kind of wood hopeless? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The Machine is a G·Weike Cloud 50W CO²

Thanks in Advance! :grin:

You are little mixed up with your settings. You don’t want 100% power. I haven’t cut any felt but it seems you should be setting speed at maybe 150 to 200 and power at 30 or 40 percent.
I assume the scrap bin material is laminated flooring. It is tough to cut through the laminate surface which is probably vinyl that you shouldn’t be cutting anyway.

Burned edges are normal for some materials and requires some experimentation to get the best edges with various settings.

The top speed of my machine in X-Axis Scanline Mode is ~450mm/s before the Steppers skip and ~150mm/s for any Cuts involving the Y-Axis before the equivalent of 3D Printer Ringing on sharp Corners occurs due to the Y-Axis Gantry carrying the heavy Tube on it.

And while I did write 100% the Machine does in fact not go beyond 75% - Hence why the Wood Testsample doesn’t go beyond 80% ( also only starts cutting at 16% which is why I start with 20% )

Setting the Power to only 30-40% while increasing the speed ( which I can’t ) would - in the case of the Pink one like quadruple the amount of passes I had to make which is only worth doing if the gain would be a non-burned cut.