Cutting text out of a image

I need to be able to take an image and cut the text out of it so that it doesnt etch the text area. Basically remove the text area from the image itself.

I feel you will have the most success with the Image Mask tool.

Import your image and generate the text in your preferred font.
I believe the video below will help walk you through the process for the image mask process to get the results you’re after.

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I have a need to lets say take a 4x4 glass and use a 2x2 image on that glass. I need the whole glass frosted tho so i set up a square that is 4x4 and set it to fill and i place the 2x2 image in the middle. Well issue is it will etch the whole 4x4 then try and come back to etch the 2x2 image. I do i get it to not engrave the area with the 2x2 image solid nd actually etch the image itself all at the same time?

Please don’t double post. It takes up more time than should be required, slowing responses.

Are you describing the same issue as to what’s in the original post? This sounds very different.

Or is this an entirely different issue? Trying to reconcile the information in both posts but can’t resolve to a consistent and cohesive understanding of what you’re trying to do as the posts don’t seem to stitch together.

Draw a 4 x 4 square, then Crop/Mask out the 2 x 2 section for your image, which will allow you to frost the rest of the glass. And yes, I could be totally missing the desired result, so please offer a bit more for clarity. :slight_smile:

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