Cutting the job from the right coordinate/Job origin

New user. Teaching myself this software and it is tough to figure out. I have the Emblaser2 by Darklylabs. Few questions:

  1. Whenever I start a project, the laser never starts cutting/scanning where I think it’s going to. I am really confused on how to make job origin work. And how to tell where the laser is going to cut. Even if I type in coordinates on the grid for the project the laser will start somewhere else usually and I wind up moving the project to chase the laser. How do I properly figure out coordinates and make the laser cut there?

  2. How do you make designs and/or convert files to engraving files?

  3. How to you reduce laser direction/transition changes?

Here are both a viedo and our documentation:

  1. This covers job origin, and getting the work to start where you want it to:
    Tip ‘O the Day - Machine and Job Origin

  2. This is an incredibly broad question. Generally people use InkScape, Illustrator, or CorelDraw to create vector artwork, then import an AI or SVG from one of those packages into LightBurn to do the cut setup. Darkly’s site has a bunch of tutorials to get you going, as does our YouTube channel. One that comes to mind:

  3. Have a look at the Cut Planner settings (Cut Optimization Settings) here:

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