Cutting the top shape out of the one yo?

Cutting top shape out of the one underneath…how to?

Good evening, I wonder if someone could please advise me how to do this, as I cant work it out? I thought I would select the dog and then click on offset or Boolean, but none of those options are available when I select the dog or even both shapes

I have a heart vector as the bottom , with a dog vector positioned over the top.

I need to have the dog portion thats in the heart to be cut out of the heart

I hope that makes sense lol - it does in my head, but may not translate to my text!


I am not sure what you are asking can be done as from your picture you posted they are both or one single image i.e. JPG, PNG ect. And if I am not mistaken they would have to be converted to an SVG, AI, or EPS to be vector graphics though I could be wrong. You could use like Inkscape or Adobe to convert them to a vector graphic and then do you you are asking.

Hi there
thanks for getting back to me. they are actually two vector images, I positioned the dog on top of the heart image on the grid to show what I am trying to do. I just cant work out how to cut the top image ( the dog) out of the bottom image ( the heart ).
thank you

can you post the 2 images you have and I can take a look at them, and advise you a little better

of course…thanks so much!

terry heart|463x500 labnobackground

ok I see that they are both PNG’s so they are not an actual vector graphic, Inkscape is a good program and free that I use quite frequently to convert graphics to vectors which will allow you to do this. Give me a few and i can give you instructions or they is plenty of info in YouTube or Google on how to do this in Inkscape

ahhhh. right, I see…thank you so much

Use trace image then you can cut dog out of heart

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wow Steve I have not seen that. It works really good, thanks for letting me know it will cut down on steps for me too.

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thanks so much Steve. Awesome

thanks so much I really appreciate yours and Steves help

No problem, it’s very cool cause I leaned something new myself. Happy Cutting Terry.

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Did you get it to work

Yeah… I did…that was brilliant - thanks so much :slight_smile: im really chuffed

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