Cutting through ply 4mm

I cant cut through 4mm ply speed at 5mm power 90/85 I tried a second pass and made a mess

Make sure your lens and mirrors are clean, and that the alignment is good. Also, make sure your focus is dead on, do a ramp test to verify that you are the correct distance above the work piece.

Assuming you are using a Ruida, at 5mm/sec your Max Power value is ignored, so set Min / Max the same. You also have not mentioned what wattage your laser is, or anything other than “red black”. More information will help - a 40w will cut much slower than a 100w.

Also, some ply manufactures use fireproof glue. Which makes cutting with a laser difficult if not impossible. It’s best to use laser compatible ply. Home store ply, just don’t work.

60watt laser topwisdom

I have the J Tech Photonics 7 watt laser. Can it cut through 3mm plywood and if so what settings?

It’ll be slow. For a 7w diode, I would try 3 mm/sec, 100% power as a starting point. You might be able to go faster if you have air assist. If you don’t, you might need to go slower or make multiple passes.

Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try

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