Cutting vinyl floor planks

Hi everyone. Does someone know whether these vinyl click floor panels could be cut with a laser?

I have some rather complex geometry to cut out and was thinking perhaps to use my 80W Co2 laser for that.

I am not sure whether this stuff has chlorine in it like PVC which is a no-go…

Anything vinyl is a strict no-go for the same reason as PVC. And really it’s the other way around as the V in PVC is Vinyl :slight_smile:

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I would look at the manufacture Material Data Sheet for the technically accurate listing of the components that make up this tile and if it is safe to cut with a laser. The word “vinyl” can have different meanings, so very unsafe to cut with a CO2 laser. I would check first.

I would need to get back to the store where I bought it a year ago. They should have that data sheet ( I hope):wink:


I know the “v” stands for vinyl. But isn’t it the “c” (chromium) part the one we have to watch?

At least that was my understanding. For what I heard there are some vinyl poliamids out there not having the chromium part. But I am not a chemist and could be mistaken…

You might find success with google, you still have any of the packaging? Good luck and safe lasering. :wink:

Edit: Maybe cross-reference this site:

Actually, the C is “Chloride”. The thing is that technically “vinyl” is typically PVC… it’s just commonly called just vinyl.

You can also test the material if you have a gas torch (not a UK flashlight) and some copper wire, ideally heavy gauge.

Heat up the wire until glowing, then make contact with the tested material, sufficiently to get transfer to the wire. Apply the torch to the wire again. If the flame changes to green, avoid this material.

From this page:

In popular usage, “vinyl” refers only to polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

A while ago i found this Hack-A-day for anyone who is just desperate to cut or engrave PVC:

Thanks Jeff. I decided not to cut these flooring material to keep things safe.


Why not laser cut a card board or 5mm ply template as an aid… then clamp your template to the flooring material.
A trim router should finish it up.

Best of both