Cutting with atomstack a5 pro, not cutted lines


I am looking for the solution my problem. I have Atomstack a5 pro. I cut plywood, but sometimes some lines are not cut off. You can see it on the image below. My settings:

I suggest you read through this topic as this covers some challenges with cutting on a diode laser.

Best parameter for cut 3mm birch plywood - LightBurn Software - LightBurn Software Forum

Having said that, it almost looks like the laser is not in focus for every area of the wood. Is there significant warpage in the wood or is it not lying flat? Notice that even the scorching is not even around all cuts.

Exactly. The indicated thread was started by me and I got a lot of valuable advice and information in it. You can see that the professionals know their stuff :slight_smile: It helped me a lot.

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