CW05202 water cooler question

I am still researching what laser to get, Either a desktop Co2 to learn on until I can afford my dream Aeon Nova-10, or Thunder Laser Nova-35, or 51… I also have a Onefinity CNC machine that I hope to upgrade with a 220v water cooled Spindle. Do you think I could use a single CW-5202 water cooler since it has 2 outlets for 2 machines instead of one dedicate cooler for each machine? Garage space is limited.

That is the purpose of their setup… Allow one chiller to service two devices.

I have a 5202.

It’s only a serial connection between the two… goes out one, the return from that goes to the second and back to the chiller…

It’s nice and convenient, probably won’t run them at the same time anyway…?


Sorry for long time to reply but health issues. No I would not run both at the same time. Since posting I have bought (Sadly) a Full Spectrum Laser Muse 3D, and looking at a Thunder Laser Bolt.(Which I should have got instead) as I have seen nothing but bad revies on the Muse and sadly it is not compatible with the Lightburn I been paying for to keep current.

I think this is an RF (metal tube) air cooled laser… It wasn’t around when I got mine, and if so, I could not have afforded it…

Good luck - have fun


I just run a 5 gallon bucket with and aquarium pump for my spindle. 1 gallon antifreeze to 3 gallons distilled water.

What if anything do you add to the water to prevent mildew/mold etc. growth? Or is it needed?

I never thought about it on the CNC spindle. I do add a few drops of tetra algae control to my laser chiller water.