Cylinder Correction along X and Y axis at the same time.?

Yesterday I was engraving a hard hat, on the brim. But the brim is curved in both X and Y, so I had a hard time engrave correct, due to the option to either correct X or Y.

Could it be so that one could enable, and use both directions.
Or is it technical impossible with a galvo laser?

This would also allow to engrave spheres/orbs and things like bowling balls, golf balls and like.

J. Rex Kancaie

The best course of action is to check the Feature Suggestions site and if you’re first with Dual-axis correction for Galvo, post it. If you’re not first, upvote it along with any other features you’d like to see.

If the developers feel that it’s not workable they’ll respond there.

I didn’t knew of the suggestion side, sry for that.

I have upvoted one that matched.

Thanks for the answer :smile:

J. Rex Kancaie

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