Cylindrical correction tool can't find

Hello, I am seeing some information about lighburn having a tool “cylindrical correction tool” However, I can’t seem to find where to set it up in my software. I can check the enable box in my settings, but I can’t find anything on the main screen to activate it. Could someone explain how to activate? I am using grbl.


It does but believe it’s intended only for Galvo lasers.

So, a grbl user can’t use it?


Right. Not built for that purpose and likely wouldn’t work well.

It’s on the roadmap to add support for gantry style systems, but no ETA at the moment. Only galvo for now.

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So just curious, is there no way to use the z axis (raise/lower based on curvature) to keep the laser focal point at the right distance?


Nothing like that exists in LightBurn today in terms of an automated dynamic focusing feature. There are external hardware solutions I’ve seen do this but are quite expensive.

I don’t think that is what I am talking about.

I guess I don’t understand exactly what all is involved, but it seems to me if lasering a cylinder cup, if the software knew the circumference of the cylinder, as the laser moved along the x (or y) axis, the z axis could raise/lower to account for the drop in the cylindrical surface. This would be similar to how a 3D carve is done on a CNC router. Maybe it isn’t possible, but it seems there should be a way to me.


I understood the concept. It’s theoretically possible but I’m saying not available today to automatically convert non-flat workpiece to 3D topology and then dynamically shift focus for that. Lasering is essentially a 2D operation with limited accommodation for Z in certain scenarios. Lasering is unlike a milling operation in that the tool doesn’t have a defined width and length. The laser is essentially infinitely thin and infinitely long. Or rather, there’s no accommodation for length other than power and duration of burn. Distance to material is about maintaining focus, not really about changing cut depth although the former can affect the latter.

But as indicated in the other thread it looks like this may be on the roadmap.

Ok, thanks for the answer!

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