D1 pro 20 ongoing issues

Hi wondering if anyone else has had ongoing issues like myself , after 9 months laser stopped firing, the supplier ( who has been really helpful all the way through) sent out another laser module straight away , 2 module after about 10 hrs of work stopped , 3rd module after about 15 hrs is now intermittent, i have done as they have asked, tested everything sent in videos clearly showing the laser stops firing mid way through job , you name it ive sent them it , so over x tools lack of support
i reckon its an intermittence problem some where possibly power pack , as if start machine will run fine for about 1 hr than starts losing power,beam gets duller than stops but process keeps going

this sounds to me as a mix of a few things or potentials
Which you can slowly remove variable is to check
a) power adapter can and will cause similar issues if its ability to provide amps degrades
Have you tried a different power adapter?
b) Could be a heating - amps - bad contact with some of your wiring. Usully a ground would be discolored. Go over the full machines from the motherboard to laser head.
c) If you have access, get a multimeter and read resistance values while “cold” at start and then after a few hours of use on your laser cable from the laser head to the end of the laser cable.
d) give a visual inspection to your motherboard, i mean really look at it or take pics. A bad capacitor or similar can behave too that way

yes totally agree , ive done all this , and have requested another power pack motherboard etc , but they wont supply new ones and its still under warranty , im not a tech, but have done everything they asked , my main question has anyone had problem with x tool support or replacement

seems therefore a full frame replacement would be in order?

Did they ask the same things i asked though?

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