D1 Pro w/ 40W head ALWAYS triggers limit switch when starting a job from home position

Hello all; I’ve just upgraded my laser (from a Sculpfun S10 to an XTool D1 Pro with the 40W head). It’s MOSTLY great, producing super clean cuts (big thumbs up to XTool’s air assist add-on and their cute velcro enclosure).

But …
I’ve run into one issue.

The workflow I’ve been trying to do is: Home laser, start job.
Starting from a known home position is what I expect to be normal for a laser, once you’ve got those home limit switches to work with. It’s how I was originally trained, on the Epilog lasers at TechShop. Getting a laser with built-in limit switches was one of the reasons on the long list I moved from the Sculpfun to the XTool.

If I start from the home position with the D1, it immediately alarms, and halts the job.

I’m assuming there’s some setting I missed, during the setup. Certainly, there were enough opportunities to miss a step. (Changing the software over to use a new laser, building the laser in the first place, since XTool is still shipping the 40W heads as an upgrade together with the original 10W head. They don’t even make separate instructions for going straight to the 40W head; the instructions are written as if you’re going to build the 10W version, then undo the last half of the work to swap in the 40W “upgrade kit”, even when you buy a 40W unit new.)

Whoops, pointless griping.


Anyone here know what could be triggering this specific problem: If I start the job from the homed position, the laser immediately freezes?

I’d like to be starting from home to get easy, reproduce-able results, rather than needing to manually set the start position every time.

Review this post:

From what I saw the 40W laser module requires a pointer offset of Y-21. Is this how yours is configured?

Thanks. That gets me off the start line.
Sure enough, my settings were X-16, not Y-21. I changed it to Y-21 like described in that post, and now I can start a print from the home position. It no longer alarms and quits the moment I hit the “go” button.

But it still seems to have some misconceptions about where the bounds of the cut area are. If I ask it to cut something within 10mm of the origin, it alarms when it gets there. If I move the cut target 50,50 out into the cut area, it can complete the cut.

So, that’s a big step forward. But it still doesn’t seem to know its own dimensions.

Any more insight? You’ve answered the original question. Don’t suppose you know the answer to the follow-up as well?

You’d minimally need the design situated 21 mm away from the top of machine since the laser heads neet to offset shift itself 21 mm from the crosshair position.

Thanks. When you say it that way, it sounds completely sensible. Though it makes me feel like “the cut area isn’t the cut area.” Like, Y should start at 21, and we should be calling that 0.

But it’s gotten me up and running. I’ve been tinkering with it since then, running into new teething problems and sorting through (most) of them.

If you don’t want to have to second guess it you may want to use the blue diode laser exclusively and disable the pointer offset.

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