D1 Rotary issue (original rotary)

I’m trying to use my Xtool D1 original style rotary with Lightburn. I’ve been able to get this to work a while ago but now for some reason my engrave is getting stretched way out! I’ve got a small 15mm circle that I’m trying to test burn and the frame has the cup spinning almost completely around. If I look at the burn preview window it shows the proper item so I’m not sure what setting got messed up.

When you get a cnc machine, the first thing to do is make a backup of the ‘factory’ configuration. If you make a mistake and ‘forget’ what you did, you can ‘load’ the file and ‘write’ it back to the controller in a couple of clicks, restoring the machine to the original or ‘saved’ state.

When you change configuration, like for a rotary, you can modify the settings to get it working, then you should ‘save’ that configuration specifically for rotary use.

Make sense.?

First thing I’d try is just go through the rotary setup again, like you did before… This time when it works… save it…

It’s usually the steps/rotation or mm/rotation depending on the machine.

If there is no success there, I would ‘save’ the current configuration somewhere and try “File → Load Prefs backup”.

This will restore it ‘without rotary’ in all likely hood, I don’t know exactly how the ‘backup prefs’ works… It may not be the direction you wish to go.

Read the Lightburn docs on ‘Machine settings’ about managing configuration files…

Good luck


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