Da photoshop script

There has been some discussion about this script already…
I have played with it considerably and do not get satisfactory results. Maybe someone can help me out since I find no convenient way to contact the company.
The script leaves a scattering of very small black dots where the shadows are light. Unfortunately those little dots are very prevalent wherever there is light shading. I am trying to get optimum results on wood from photos with smooth shading.I am using Omtech 60W ruida 6442. I have run 6 different settings from 300mm/sec on each of them plus Max power from 30 down to 12.5 and min power on 7. Lousy results as far as quality goes. I am on my cell and don’t have photos of results. If that would help I can add that to my query.

Forgot to say that I am using Dither

LightBurn provides tools to do the same as these scripts, so they are not required to achieve high-quality image engravings - without the need for additional software and simple scripts to run that software.

Here is a good place to start when wanting to understand how to use the LightBurn included tools to adjust an image for laser production. Adjust Image Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation


Thank you. I have been there several times before and I haven’t been able get what I call decent engraving. I will try one more time.

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