Damaged hands can i move a button

After 35 years of aircraft repair and shooting rivets my hands have nerve damage. Got some shake to them and 70% of the time when i go and move the gantry i hit home button and have to wait for it to home. Its aggrevation for me just as i get all set up and need to move the laser i hit the home button because of the shaking. Is there any way i can undock the home button and move it so not to keep hitting it. I tried enlarging the icons but not much help in my case.
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I don’t think you can disable the Home button.

Is it ergonomically easier for you to use the keyboard? If so, could you use the numeric keypad for movement and avoid using the onscreen controls?

Will try that never thought of it.
Thanks for the reply.

Well i tried using my key pad and nothing happens.

Read over this. This should help you get started:
Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation

If you can’t sort it out circle back here and we can get you sorted.

I got the jog keys working but i have to shut off continuous jog and input the distance to move in the box to work. So for fine tuning i keep it small.

Sure would like to be able to move the home button.

Note that you can use modifier keys. So shift+key will make larger movements. Ctrl+key will make shorter movements. This should give you more flexibility.

That part i noticed thanks for the help.
Location Florida

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