Dark engraving on tumbler

First off group, apologies if there is a thread already about this. I recently got a new OMTech 55watt co2 laser. I have been trying to do tumblers and keep getting a “burned” look on the images. It’s not making a clean shiny finish. I’ve tried the Mr magic eraser with the totally awesome cleaner and I’m still not getting a clean result. My settings are 250mm/40pwr and 500dpi. I’ve included a picture to try and explain the issue I am having. Any help would be great!!!

I think you are heating the stainless up enough for it to anneal or appear differently…

I can’t remember the settings I used for my 40W (a China Blue 50W that is really about 40W) for removing the coating on mugs. Seems to me I used about half that power and a dpi with less resolution.

The dpi/lpi is very important for any kind of engraving… There is an excellent video by Laser Everything that I suggest you watch… It has a procedure that explains how to get the best dpi/lpi for any laser with any material… you will use the concept and application throughout your laser life… I know it’s on photo engraving, but it’s the dpi/lpi he covers that make it worthwhile.

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A real good friend of mine, told me once that if you don’t have enough air assist, and your power is way up there, you could be melting the powder coat, then burning it back on the SS.

I would dial back the power by half. Leave the speed alone, and engrave a 10mm x 10mm square. Then adjust speed up or down from there. When you get that 10x10 shiny square then your golden.