Dark spots in my engraved text

Once again I am posting this problem in hopes someone can help me fix it.
There are dark spots in the engraved text.
I just replaced the 50W tube and the power supply and this problem started.

I am getting dark dots in the engraved text even when I have both power setting set at 10 (about 3~4ma) which is about as low as it will fire. Running the speed at 4000 mm/sec

If I run the speed of the machine faster it goes so fast that when it changes direction the machine shakes.

It will “fill” just fine but the “line” option is where the problem starts.
The last photo is the engraving set on “fill”.

I will attach photos of the engravings and the machine settings.

Is it possible that the 50W tube is just to much for engraving letters into wood?

I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer as this problem has persisted for weeks and I just can not find a fix.

Thank you
William Lee

I have a 50 watt ‘China Blue’ and I can tell mine won’t run 4000mm/s when it was new or even after all the mods I’ve made to speed it up. My upper end speed for X is 1650mm/s

It will definitely not run 4000mm/s around the vector text.

Could it be mm/min?

The issue is that it’s slowing on the corners and still maintaining the same power. You have min/max power set the same. If you are doing a vector then it has to change speeds and you need a minimum for it to compute the proper power level with a speed change.

You being at the bottom of the power, range, I’m not sure what to say…

It seems to be pretty high power for 10%, even at 3 to 5mA. What kind of wood is this?


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Thanks for responding Jack … I understand what the problem is … I just cant seem to fix it.

I sent this to OMtech laser support and got this answer back …
“Please note that the black dot on the wood cannot be removed as it is a fire burnt”.

A real support expert there!

Keep in mind, they are Chinese and it’s being translated both ways. They may be clueless about what the real question is.

Are you stating speeds in mm/min or mm/s?


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