Dark Steaks on Tumbler Engraving

Hello, all, this is my first time posting on here so forgive me if have made any mistakes. So basically I am needing some recommendations on how to fix my settings to get rid of some dark streaks on my tumblers. I am using an Xtool D1 10w and am engraving onto black tumblers. I have included the file as well as an image with circles to highlight the defects. These streaks are still there after using LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner, magic eraser, and cloth to clean. Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you!
ALA Logo.lbrn2 (52.3 KB)

You can use acetone to clean off the dark marks, but be careful, you could also remove the point.
If I need to use acetone, I put some on a cloth and just swipe the area I need to clean. If you rub it, it will definitely remove the black points.
Acetone works really good and really fast.

The dark areas appear to be the mugs coating that hasn’t been completely removed.

The fact you can clean some of these up probably supports that opinion.

Are you near the pass/fail area in what is needed to remove this coating as far as power/speed?

A different batch of mugs, different batch of coating or a slight change in the process of making the mug can all exacerbate results when lasing. This is especially true when the power/speeds are at minimum to do the job…

Good luck


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