Dark Wolf Dice Project

So I finally got a sample set of dice completed. I am very new to this and have much to learn, the files are saved in Adobe Illus. and exported into lightburn. But I feel like I am not getting crisp enough lines, seem sorta jagged. Maybe I am exporting wrong or have a setting off in lightburn?


Should I possibly attempt fill + line to see if that will clean up the edges?

That will provide you with a cleaner edge but I think you have something else going on here. Just for clarity, are the lines on the “4,3,2” dice intended to be straight lines? Is this what you are identifying? Maybe run some simple rectangle fills and post here so we can see the results and we can go from there.

Edit: What controller/firmware is driving your Orion Motor Tech setup?

The lines / slash marks aren’t suppose to be straight, more like claw marks. I’m more concerned with the like the numbers I guess, they just don’t look clean. I’ll have to look when I get home, it’s the Ruida I think.

Ah, thanks for that. I would look to the ‘Line Interval’ setting to see if I might be able to fit a few more fill lines in without overlap and changing layer to ‘Fill+Line’ will run a cut around the shapes after the fill to sharpen the edges as you suggest.

I would still run some simple rectangle fills to test ‘Line Interval’ settings and to also check to see if the start and end of the scan fill lines line up correctly on the right and left. You may need to add some ‘Scanning Offset Adjustment’ to compensate for the fill lines not starting and stopping at the same point in the fill. If you post those when you can, we will take a look.

‘Interval’ is how far apart the scans are spaced, and that can have a big impact on small details. The default interval, 0.1mm, makes about 250 lines per inch, and it’s a good middle ground between speed and detail. If you bump that up to 350 to 500, you’ll get less jagged edges at the expense of some time, and you’ll probably have to drop the power a little to compensate for going over the same spots more.

I didn’t have time to do the test test you mentioned, but my line interval was at .1… my design was created with .05mm in mind…so now I am trying to readjust the speed / power so it’s not burning/ melting the dice or going to deep. I’m pretty close with 110 speed and 12% power. Still needs tweaking though. Thanks for your both your guys help and input… any recommendation on speed vs power with intrevals settings? or just trial and error like I’ve been doing?

This is the approach that will yield the best results. Increasing the interval, or the number of lines per inch, will deposit more energy on your material so you will want to drop the power a little. I have not worked with this type of material, so don’t have settings recommendations for you, sorry. :slight_smile:

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It’s basically injected acrylic material according to the company