Data pdf import problems

I recently installed Lightburn and I think it’s very good. Unfortunately I have some problems with the data exchange between Autodesk Inventor and Lightburn. I want to engrave small scales. For this purpose I created a drawing and exported it as a PDF. I can view the file with any PDF viewer. Unfortunately, the import into Lightburn does not work properly. The line thickness is incorrect, the lettering is not transferred and a line is missing. What could be wrong?
In the appendix the PDF, the display in AcrobatReader and in Lightburn.
Many Thanks!

Test.pdf.txt (56.2 KB)
Note: PDF is probably not allowed in the forum. I renamed the filename to TXT … :slight_smile:

Lightburn does not recognize stroke width in PDF files. It also doesn’t import text from PDF. The workaround if you don’t have Illustrator or Coreldraw is to:

  1. Open the file in Inkscape.
  2. Select the lines and select Path>Stroke to Path
  3. Select Text and select Path>Object to Path
  4. Save the file to SVG, and import that file into Lightburn.

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