Data wont load to my laser xtool pro. Error says it has trouble sending data to laser

I just bought a new xtool d1 pro 20 watt.
It works great on xtool creative space . I downloaded light burn
I cant seem to frame or use the laser.
The console box has lots of small sqaures with question marks in each one of them
The lase is connected via usb.
The laser console reads ready…
What gives?

This is almost always a firmware or connection issue.

Two things to review:

  1. Do you have the latest LightBurn compatible firmware installed?
  2. Have you used the .lbdev file provided by xTool to create the device in LightBurn?

Thanknyou very much for the response. Im new at this computir and laser thing.
How do i go about fixing these two things you told my to check?
Thankingbyou in advance

Reference from xTool about firmware upgrades. It’s not clear to me that these have been specifically reviewed for LightBurn compatibility but I haven’t seen any recent reports of firmware mismatches with xTool units.

Upgrade the Firmware for D1 and D1 Pro – xTool

Information here about setting up your laser with LightBurn. There’s a link to the .lbdev file on that page.

Operate xTool D1 Pro with LightBurn – xTool

Also note that the search tool on this forum will identify a huge amount of common and uncommon problems that people have with their machines. I’d suggest getting familiar with how the search works and also reading up on your machine.

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