Day of the Dead

Aluminium stamp for leather, engraved to a depth of about 1.5mm on a 50w fiber, took about one hour twenty minutes.


I’ve been making these out of acrylic on CO2, works fine and doesn’t take an hour :smiley:
But, yeah, i wish i could do metals. Got a friend who makes proper leather things like wallets, belts, purses etc… So acrylic stamps for him.

Someone requested a wax stamp and acrylic was a glorious failure - wax sticks to it… oh well…

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I use an 8 tonne hydraulic clicker press to do the impressions into leather, a perspex one would just break apart under this type of press. These were also dry stamped and only take a couple of seconds.

Well, my stamps do go under the press, also dry and i’m yet to break one. Maybe yours break under unnecessarily high pressure ? 8t, holy cr@p :smiley:

Then again, we don’t use them in industrial scale manufacturing, so they last ok.
I do break smaller ones on occasion, but they so small that it takes 5 minutes to run one out to replace the broken one.

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