Hey folks I opted to use the RV antifreeze in my K40 over the winter to keep it from freezing. it worked great but now I’m wondering if I need to flush it out with something and go back to the distilled water, or just leave it in there thanks for your help

From what I have read, you can leave the antifreeze in the system. It contains anti-corrosion additives and such is not supposed to be at all harmful.
Somwone please correct me if I am wrong.

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I use and keep only rv antifreeze in both of my lasers year round. Both live in the garage where the garage gets below freezing during winter months.

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If your water reservoir is properly earthed, you shouldn’t have any problems. If not, antifreeze can be a lot worse at building up static than plain water which can cause unexpected deviations in plasma inside the tube. If left long enough, it can build up a BIG charge, which can have unwanted consequences when it finally finds its way to earth :slight_smile:

I make sure that the chiller and laser chassis are on the same ground, to reduce the chance of mismatched potential. If you use a bucket and pump, drop a piece of cable from the back of the laser’s ground point into the water to make sure there’s no statice build up.

A quick check if you use a CW-style chiller is to check for continuity between the laser chassis and the chiller chassis. Both chassis should be grounded and the ground should be common, through the earth pin on the centre pin of the power lead.

From a chemistry standpoint, there’s nothing wrong with using pink/orange coolant on glass.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the info. I use a bucket and have never heard of grounding it before!

Easy - any old bit of wiring flex tied to the earth strap on the back of the machine and dropped in the bucket.