Deactivate License on Dead Machine

Can someone help me with deactivating my license on one of my machines which suffered a major hardware malfunction. I’ve moved the SSD across but the Motherboard, Ram and Processor had to be replaced and now it is detecting the PC as a whole new system and thus not allowing me to activate lightburn. Although it does detect that lightburn has been used on it before so I can not use the trial option. I’m currently unable to use my secondary machine as it is with my partner on a business trip.

Thanks in advance

You have a couple of options. You can visit our License Management Portal, and login using the email associated with your key, or email with your key / order details, and we can clear this system for you.

I am not finding you in our systems using the name or email used here on the forum. :wink:

Amazing thank you I’ve just deactivated my license. Much appreciated.

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