Dead Space/Individual Product Settings

Hello, Were relatively new to the lightburn software and this forum page. I’m wondering if there’s a setting that will do a entire product then move onto the next instead of doing 12 in a row and finishing them all at the same time? If anyone knows the answer it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for posting your question. This will depend on the way you have set the job up and the optimization for cut planning. Have a look at this video below for a detailed description of your options, then reply back with the specifics for this job and we can offer some workflow options to help you get what you are looking for.

The order by group is partly what I’m looking for. That primarily deals with cutting from my understanding. But what im looking for does the exact same thing with engraving only. Most of the products we deal with are engraved, is there a setting for engraving to preform the same?

Sorry, but the same what? The Optimization Settings are applied to all laser burning (line cuts and engraving fills, vector, and raster work). There are also settings available to provide additional control over your lasering. If you open the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ for a given layer, you will see the options you have, such as controlling how the fills are cut for a layer.

If you can share the file, we can take a look and offer some suggestions for how best to set up the desired outcome. I could guess, but I’d like to focus my answer on the exact issues you are having difficulties with.

If you don’t want to or can’t share in public, send via email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com with a link to this post. So you are aware, we will only use the file for internal testing/evaluation and review and not make it available to anyone else if that helps you.

Note: The video provided used the ‘Line’ setting for the examples shown as they process faster, and thus consume less of the users time to get the point across.

Well the image you sent answered my question! So thanks for the help that you provided. And thanks for being willing to go the extra mile to help, its not often that that happens anymore.

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