Dead transparent space around objects distorting overall frame size and area


I arranged five images to be engraved and cut, in such a way that they best fit a stock material size (the outer square). However, the dead, transparent space around the edges of the individual shapes is contributing to overall framing space, which is making it impossible to line up the stock to my cutting area. Essentially the laser is framing a square around the outermost extents of all the rectangle objects, not around the actual images and engraving areas.

I’ve already traced, masked, and flattened the images so the rectangles are not white space.

Is there any way, short of re-saving as a single image and re-tracing, to get Lightburn to ignore those empty areas for framing?

I don’t believe there’s currently any way around this within LightBurn. If you need this level of flexibility for images I’d suggest compositing the images in an outside application and then exporting as a single larger composited image.

Not sure if I understand what you want…

If you can select each object (image), enable cut selected graphics/use selection origin

It will only frame that image that is selected…


You may be able to trace, mask then remove the whitespace as shown here:

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The whole image is scanned all the way from edge to edge - so the square frame too will show the rectangle needed to encompass the whole shape and background. The circle frame tool (used to be called the rubber band frame) will cut closer to the shape if it is and object and not an image.

Make it into a vector object (trace image) and use the rubber band frame to check your placement.

Image was changed to a THREASH HOLD instead of grayscale. Contrast was boosted 100%. Images traced - will need some cleanup to get rid of the little bits around the outside. Put each image on a separate layer and turn layer off or on for printing (or select “cut selected graphics”). Use the rubber band frame to only outline the part being cut.


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