Décalage dans les découpes (Offset in cutouts)


I am new to this forum and am looking for a solution to my problem.

I have an Atomstack machine that I got on Friday and I took files from the boxes.py site and I end up with offsets on my cutouts like in the photos I attached.
Hardware problem or setting or software bug?

Most likely something mechanical. Looks like loose belts. Check proper tension. Remove any slack. Make them taught but not stretched out. There is a danger of overtightening.

thank you for your fast responding. i try tout change belt tension and i send you the result

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I tightened all the belts and now all is ok.

do you have a method to test the cut without the wood burning too much? cp 4.2 mm and speed 400mm/min and power 100%

The single biggest contributor will be air assist. If you plan to cut then really you have no choice but to get this. Also, in general, avoid situations where the wood is on fire. You want minimize uncontrolled burning. So reduce power or speed-up. Better to take more passes than to force your way through the wood if you’re seeing burning.

Air assist dramatically reduces those situations.

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