Decimals added to x/y positions when saving

I have a file i use as a template. It consists of a line along the length of the y axis and x axis.
When i open the file to create a new project the position of a line might have moved from Ypos 270.000 to 270.001. This makes the line out of bounds and i have to readjust it every new project.

I have tried write protecting the file after closing out LightBurn but to no avail.

Any ideas?

Kind regards.

It may help us if you can upload the .lbrn2 file so we can duplicate the issue.

Almost looks like a rounding issue, but this software has been beat up pretty well so I’m doubtful of that issue.


Thank you for the quick responses.
I’ll upload the file for you to try. I can’t find the appropriate numbers in the text file though, i’m not into the syntax.
Nul Oppe Venstre.lbrn2 (4.8 KB)

Thank you very much, this seems to work
What can I do differently for another time to avoid rounding issues? From a GUI-perspective all seems right in the world and should be.

You are on to something, but not at the file level. :wink: I might try the ‘Lock’ shape for these lines and see if you get the same result.

Edit: If you are willing, please post the file that is doing this for review. This is an issue of floating point math being a pain in the backside. If you drew the lines with grid snapping enabled, and they’re actually snapped to the grid locations, it’d be perfect. If you drew it randomly and then dragged it into place, there could be tiny fractional values involved, which might round a little differently.

It’s been a while sine I made it, but I think it’s highly likely I drew them randomly and then input Ypos and Xpos and lengts.

Would you like me to submit the file elsewhere too?

I found out if I changed the length of the line along the x-axis from nnn.001 to nnn.000 the issue seemed to dissappear. (but of course I never input the length with 3 decimals in the first place)

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